Yoast SEO

Before you start doing anything to your site, you need a solid list of Latent Semantic Keywords or LSI keyword. For example if you had a site about football, you would want other relative keywords through your site like quarterback, punt, field goal, touchdown and etc. I explain further about what LSI keywords are and how to find them in the first video.

Now that you have a handful of keywords installed, I’m going to show you how to install the Yoast SEO plugin and go through the basic configuration.

Once you’ve installed and configured Yoast, you will have a new section at the bottom of your posts and pages.

Once you’re happy with the number of pages and posts your site has, you can get your XML sitemap from Yoast SEO.

Google Webmaster Tools will need to verify ownership of your site which I’ll show you how to do. Then you can submit your sitemap that you got from the last video and it will help Google’s bots crawl your site and index your links faster.


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