The Badge Of Shame – Google’s new Speed Update Puts Local Businesses Websites at Risk!

Yes.. Google will start labeling websites with “badge of shame.” Let’s pretend a customer tries to visit your website. Imagine while they’re sitting on their iPhone trying to view your site… A warning pops up from Google asking if they’re sure they want to visit your site? …It may sound crazy, but that’s EXACTLY what Google’s new update is going to do! This past July Google quietly rolled out what they call their ‘Speed Update.’ This effects any business looking to show up in Google’s mobile search results. Not only that .. Google is experimenting with a ‘badge of shame’ for websites that load slowly in Chrome. “In the future, Chrome may identify sites that typically load fast or slow for users with clear badging,” explains a blog post from the Chrome team. According to Google’s own data 40% of searches contain ‘Local Intent,’ so this new update has huge potential to…    read more 

How to build any WordPress site you can imagine WITHOUT coding!

How to build any WordPress site you can imagine WITHOUT coding! Whats up testers! soooo… we wanted to suggest you take a look at something a bit different. Would you like to have the ability to make YOUR OWN wordpress themes… without coding!? The conventional way of building WordPress site is to buy a theme for each job… the designs are fixed so you can’t change the core elements without hiring a coder Before you know it you have a 100 themes with 100 different admin areas half of which will work with your plugins & the other half will cause you conflict problems. Then you have all the support issues the minute WordPress releases a new version… 1/2 your themes will stop working and there’s often no support from the vendor! But the real big headache comes when you use pre-made themes for clients – the copyright of any…    read more 

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