Online reviews can make or break a business. As of 2016, over 90% of consumers do an online search before making purchasing decisions. If you’ve searched your business name on Google and the first results coming up are bad reviews, you can bet they’re costing you. Unfortunately customers that had bad experiences are far more likely to post a review than the ones that had things go as planned. But before you run off and hire a “reputation management” company, here are some options. Terms Of Service Violations Google, Yelp and Facebook are the most prevalent sites for local business reviews and won’t get rid of bad reviews unless they violate their terms of service. You can check out Yelp’s TOS, Google’s TOS and Facebook’s TOS but in short, violations mean if someone is using inappropriate language, personally attacking you possibly a frivolous review from a disgruntled ex-exployee. If you do have…    read more