How To Prepare For The Major Changes Coming In WordPress 5.0

July 21, 2018| WP Testers
Wordpress 5.0 Gutenberg Download

WordPress has changed the way of designing a website or blog. It was never that much easier before to drag and drop different components instead of writing a code for it. There are various such platforms that are used worldwide to create a blog but WordPress is the best among them. It is because it has an immense choice of add-ons that can help users to make a dream design of the website. To give users better experience, WordPress consistently updates it a platform that rectifies multiple flaws in it. Now, WordPress 5.0 is going to release and if you are a regular user of it then it will be a big noticeable change.

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What is WordPress 5.0?

WordPress released the beta version last year and many people started thinking about the revolution that was going to happen. It is just a game changer and it will leave many platforms behind because of the ease. The main system of the platform hasn’t been changed for many years. TinyMCE editor tool has been used for last few years to create post, designs and eCommerce system. No major update happened in this regard to change this editor tool. However, version 5.0 brings major updates in editor tool and this interface will be more graphical as compared with the previous version. The main goal of WordPress 5.0 is to “Change the way of editing and designing to visual editing” and people will adopt this tool quickly because nowadays it has become a common thing.

Wordpress 5.0 Features

This term has a very strong relationship with WordPress 5.0 and it has taken all the spotlight. Gutenberg is the name of the new editor that is going to replace TinyMCE soon. It will be most likely to be visual and graphical based with a ton of new features and options. It will help users to create pages and post by using blocks. The detail about blocks will be discussed will be later but blocks consist of text, images, videos and plugins. Gutenberg will allow users to create new pages and post through blocks with extended visual experience. The extensive use of visual will make it easier in use and it will provide multiple new options to achieve professional designing of the front end.

The use of blocks and visuals in editing will take WordPress website editing to a new level. It will be easily manageable in product and content catalogues. The block with the visual editor is designed to help the user to construct content-rich pages and manage the content so that it should have attractive visuals. The release of Gutenberg will bring all these new revolutionary steps into working hands and it will be the start of a new era in website designing.

Features of Gutenberg
• The introduction of blocks will give user accessibility to achieve any design by placing content or pictures anywhere.
• The release of Gutenberg will surely affect the theme designs and their compatibility so the developers will have to work on it to avoid compatibility issues.
• Gutenberg is all about the new methodology with more freedom for users. It will assuredly cross its competitors like Bloggers, Wix, Weebly and Tumblr etc.

What are the Blocks?

As the name describes, blocks are smaller units that combine together to create the layout of the webpage. Images, text, videos and plugins are an example of blocks that are used to construct a better visual front end. In Gutenberg, these blocks will be easily movable to any place on a webpage. It will be a lot easier to promote your business by designing an attractive user interface with enhanced representation of your products on the website. The designing of the website now doesn’t require any extensive coding in the background, you just have to work on the blocks and it will generate code automatically.

Wordpress 5.0 Blocks

Impact of Gutenberg in eCommerce

As with this big change in editor tool, it will alter the way of thinking, designing and implementation of a webpage. More visuals mean a better representation of products and higher chances of sales. WordPress 5.0 is a very large change in their system, and the related WordPress community is trying to find different ways to avoid any type of issues. WooCommerce is one of the best and famous plugins on WordPress but they are also having compatibility issues. They are also updating their system to fully understand Gutenberg and its impact.

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It would be easier for users to add products in WordPress but it will take some time to get used to it. The reason is that it will have multiple new options to show your product on the webpage. There are hundreds of other eCommerce plugins on WordPress that also will face the same problem. They are working on the assurance of the plugin to work perfectly with this update. The eCommerce plugins will have simple layout after addition of blocks as the main source of editing. The user can easily create the webpage through blocks that can be placed anywhere.
Pros and Cons of Gutenberg on eCommerce
• Introduction of blocks will revolutionize the way of editing and design a webpage quickly.
• eCommerce will become more easy and attractive that can engage more traffic and sale.
• It doesn’t require any type of skills in coding, you can just play with the block to edit your webpage.
• Most importantly, it will reduce the development and maintenance charges.
• It is difficult for eCommerce websites to fit in this update as they have a complex system.
• Many plugins might not be available when WordPress 5.0 releases, so a delay is expected to bring this change.

Wordpress 5.0 eCommerce

Future Opportunities

It is the most important aspect of this update, either it is going to leave a positive impact or negative impact on business and other categorize. People may be wondering now that will it work for user empowerment? There are multiple organizations that use WordPress for business, education and training purpose, the question is will they get more traffic and the better result after it? If we look at the features, it may bring a change in this industry as there will be no competitor for this. People will take the time to understand its working and after that, they will get used to it. It will be a point that will decide the success of this version and release of Gutenberg.

Every change takes time and it will take a specific time. After that people will start a discussion and they will become familiar and accept. That sense of accepting will bring empowerment among the users. The learning period would be easier as said by the WordPress community. That means they have to wait for a shorter time to see the results.

Still worried that WordPress 5.0 will be too different from previous versions? You can download the WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Beta Version here and test drive it today.

You can read more on Gutenberg here:


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