The Badge Of Shame – Google’s new Speed Update Puts Local Businesses Websites at Risk!

December 5, 2019| WP Testers

Yes.. Google will start labeling websites with “badge of shame.”

Let’s pretend a customer tries to visit your website.

Imagine while they’re sitting on their iPhone trying to view your site…

A warning pops up from Google asking if they’re sure they want to visit your site?

…It may sound crazy, but that’s EXACTLY what Google’s new update is going to do!

This past July Google quietly rolled out what they call their ‘Speed Update.’ This effects any business looking to show up in Google’s mobile search results.

Not only that .. Google is experimenting with a ‘badge of shame’ for websites that load slowly in Chrome. “In the future, Chrome may identify sites that typically load fast or slow for users with clear badging,” explains a blog post from the Chrome team.

According to Google’s own data 40% of searches contain ‘Local Intent,’ so this new update has huge potential to impact marketers and local businesses in your area with slow loading sites. And with the average load time of most websites being over 15 seconds, we feel pretty safe saying this an issue for you and your potential clients.

This speed update can mean disaster for you and your clients. Once Google marks your next clients’ website as slow, it’s only a matter of time before they could lose their traffic, and you could lose a client!

With Google now penalizing websites that don’t load quickly in mobile search results, it couldn’t hurt to be one step ahead! It doesn’t even matter if you lack the experience.

Don’t worry though. We have the perfect plan to help you take advantage of what Google is up to!

As WP users we are used to using various website software to create solutions to problems that we face. And that is exactly what we have here. A tool that not only finds your next clients for you, but gives you all the juicy details about how to help them make sure they’re not effected by Google’s new speed update!

My friends Paul, Nick, and Tom will teach you all about Google’s speed update, so that you can start looking for more clients and earn more! Check out the link to find out more details:

Watch the video below as Nick shows you the solution in action:

This is the perfect opportunity to fix your websites speed to get a leg up in Google, or as a FITD (foot in the door) opportunity with potential clients.

Bottom line is no business wants their site labeled as ‘slow’ by Google and not show in search results when new customers are looking for their solution!

With Site Speed Profits, you can BE the solution to this new roadblock from Google! Offer the perfect fix-it service and be a hero. Learn how to help small businesses speed up their sites today!

All you need to do is click the link below to see how my friends Nick, Tom, and Paul use Google’s speed update as the perfect foot-in-the-door to land new clients and deliver speed optimization for $97 to $297 per client.

Inside you’ll discover: –

  • Why this is a HUGE advantage for you and how to make money with it
  • How to easily fulfill this service yourself our have it completely outsourced (they reveal the actual outsourcer they use for their clients).
  • Case Study by Nick Ponte showing how to easily close deals for $297 and up.
  • You get one year of access to their custom ‘Speed Sniffer’ software.

This is the only software that allows you to easily find prospects, run multiple speed tests, publish client getting reports, and email these prospects directly from the software! Take advantage of this opportunity and watch your marketing business thrive!

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