Evergreen Webinar Automation Software For WordPress?

December 13, 2018| WP Testers

Evergreen Webinar Software For WordPress


Wow! It’s here, and possibly going to be one of biggest breakthroughs moving into 2019… wait for it…


The Evergreen Webinar Plugin!

– Automated Webinar Replays on Your OWN Website
– Unlimited Attendees
– Automated Scheduling Loop
– Control your branding
– Integrated comments
– Works with any Autoresponder
– No costly subscriptions!

Create 100% Automated Evergreen Webinars In Just Moments!


From Registration —> Countdown Page —> Webinar Page —> Webinar Ended Page …. you are in full control.

With just a couple of clicks from your WordPress Admin you can now create your own automated webinar loop and revolutionize your prospecting and sales.

Check out the short tutorial video here:


Use the above link to watch the video where you see exactly how to use this tool to create fully automated webinars that you can set loop every 15 minutes. There will always be a webinar about to start for your prospects.

This is a fantastic way to instantly double or triple your landing page or other marketing strategies.

Here’s How The Evergreen Webinar Plugin Works:

A. Person lands on your website, and an opt-in form with a countdown timer shows up.


B. After opt-in in, they are forwarded to a welcome page (which you can fully customize).

It will count own to the start date, and start the webinar.


Everything is automated, so you do not actually have to be there to do any of it. Set and forget. 😀

C. Attendees are added to your back office, as well as subscribed to an autoresponder of your choosing. Its super easy to set up.


Super simple, and a crazy powerful marketing strategy that will work in any market with any target audience.

Check out the overview here:

>>>> https://www.wptesters.org/evergreen-webinar-plugin

We hope you like it because we know that we are going to use it in some of out projects


Happy Testing










*this plugin is not available in our library and is only available from the developer

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