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Social Proof Marketing Plugin for WordPress.

WPfomify increases conversion rates on your website by displaying recent sales & signups.

Display what’s Happening on Your Website!

Tell your visitors what other visitors are doing — purchase, sign-ups, reviews etc.

Display Customer Activity

WPfomify adds notifications at the bottom of the screen to display real-time customer activity on your website.

Increase Credibility

Real-time customer activity increases credibility on your website, just like a queue outside a restaurant.

Boost Conversions

Increased credibility and social proof eventually lead to increase in conversions on your website. Yes, it’s that simple!

Packed with Powerful Features to Boost your Business

Take a look at the amazing features that WPfomify offers.

  • WPfomify’s well thought UI makes it easy to use and setup. Get started quickly.
  • WPfomify works with popular WordPress plugins and email marketing services.
  • Easily customize the look and feel for WPfomify to match with your site’s branding.
  • Display real time customer activity data from your eCommerce or LMS website.
  • Connect WPfomify with your mailing service and share who is joining your list.
  • You can use WPfomify to display client reviews and ratings in sleek notification style.
  • Showing time-limited offers can help you boost your conversions by creating urgency.
  • WPfomify provides UTM fields to add your parameters and track with Google Analytics.
  • WPfomify integrates with Popular WordPress Plugins & Web Services.

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