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The upgrade to Maintenance PRO gives you the added option of configuring your counter to suit your style. The timer counts down in days, hours, minutes and seconds – creating a buzz of active progress and expectation – and you can choose between simple numbers (no border), boxed numbers, or circles.

With this upgrade, you can even use the custom HTML area to embed YouTube videos, which will open in a pop-up window. Far from a generic and static “Under Construction” message, your Maintenance PRO splash page boasts its own distinctive personality and invites your visitors to engage and connect with your brand, even before you’re ready to launch.

As well as stunning, full screen HD background images, you can now select multiple images for a dynamic gallery, and even set your own YouTube video as the maintenance page background. As with the free version, you can easily edit the text (“Coming soon!”/ “Work in progress…”/ “We’ll be right back”…etc.) and add your own logo and branding colors, so that your splash page reflects the tone of your business.

The upgraded plugin offers even greater flexibility when it comes to behind the scenes access for particular users. You can assign user roles and set individual permissions and restrictions, so that you can collaborate and share with the relevant parties during the development and design process, with complete control over how much each user can see.

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