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Transfers gives you the ability to bring to your users the possibility to transfer their points, achievements or ranks between them.

In just a few minutes, you will be able to place transfer forms around your site and award your users for making transfers.

Transfers extends and expands GamiPress adding new activity events and features.


  • Ability to place transfer forms to let users transfer anything.
  • Set the transfer recipient or let user input the recipient (with support for auto-complete).
  • Set the achievement or rank to transfer or let user choose which to transfer.
  • Frontend transfer history with details of each transfer.
  • Settings to auto-approve transfers or keep them pending awaiting for approval.
  • Easily editable transfers to allow you add new items or add notes.
  • Ability to refund transfers and restore transferred items between users.
  • Support for WordPress privacy tools.

Transfer Forms

  • PointsTo let your users transfer a desired amount of points.
  • AchievementTo let your users transfer an earned achievement.
  • RankTo let your users transfer a reached rank.

Points Transfer Forms

  • Fixed AmountUsers will be able to transfer a predefined amount of points.
  • Custom AmountUsers will be able to set a custom amount of points to transfer.
  • OptionsUsers will be able to choose between a predefined amount of points to transfer.

Other Features

  • Integrated with the official add-ons that add new content to achievements and ranks.
  • Shortcodes to place any transfer form anywhere (with support to GamiPress live shortcode embedder).
  • Widgets to place any transfer form on any sidebar.

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