AB Testimonials

AB Testimonials is an extremely great tool to easily show your clients testimonials. You can also smoothly display testimonials in any post or page content, or Text Widget just simply by pasting shortcode in it. Testimonials will also be displayed as slider having several kind of sliding effects. Autoplay is supported too by default and there are two different testimonial styles to choose from. You can also select testimonial category to show and also limit number of displayed testimonials.

  • Testimonial jQuery Slider
  • Autoplay option
  • Two Testimonial Styles
  • Simple Testimonial Management Interface
  • Let Your Clients Submit in Front End
  • Ajax Frontend Testimonial Submission
  • Display Testimonials on any Page, Post or Text Widget
  • Display Testimonials from selected category
  • Shortcode Powered
  • Custom Post Type
  • Fully Responsive
  • And More…

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